Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I just graduated!

I just graduated from art school. In an ideal world I spend most of my time in the studio painting. In reality I get to paint three evenings a week; after the drudgery of the office 9-5.
I have a wide circle of friends: sometimes I over-extend. I read constantly; love to travel; and get weepy during sentimental movies even though I think they're ridiculous.
Back in that ideal world of mine: you are self-possessed, and self-aware; have a passion for learning and can talk at length about topics from Kierkegaard to Menomena. You're a nerd, but you don't look like one, and I hope you don't visit sites like her first lesbian sex. You're a bit of a hipster, but you realize how tedious irony can be when it's over applied. You mist up over sappy stories and have a biting wit.
In reality: you are kind and straightforward without too many of your own pretences. You are the perfect mix of contradictions and can account for my own. Most importantly: you are nuts about me, because I'm pretty fabulous.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks for taking a peek.

Thanks for taking a peek.

Let me begin with the superficial details that way we can get them out of the way. I am what most would consider very attractive. As I haven't included my picture, I feel I must reassure interested gents that I am visually appealing. I take pride in my appearance, keep fit, and eat healthy most of the time. I chose not to include my picture because I rather like my anonymity. I will be happy to send one to you if I feel we'd make a good match.

I am not just easy on the eyes, but actually have depth to my character; I try to live my life beyond the surface. I am compassionate, warm hearted, genuinely care about the well being of others, and believe honesty is essential to any good relationship.

I love to travel, spend time with friends and family, read, jog, ski, rollerblade, boating, and simply being outdoors.

I prefer attractive, fit men who are in their thirties, intelligent, university educated, established, have a good sense of humour, and have family values. A smart guy is a sexy guy. I am not looking for your 'average joe.' If you fit the criteria, send me a smile or a message.

All the best.